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The Tectonic Series

Inspired by topography landscaping, a study on shapes and features of land surfaces, we infuse the contour and layering lines that forms the essence of the outsole. The PEDRO TECTONIC series returns and is a conversation around architectural design and our ever-changing environment, that shifted our design perspective.

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Effortless Store Experience

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Still Life With SS’21

Centuries ago, still life painting gained popularity for the technical learnings it afforded its practitioners. One could paint a bouquet of chrysanthemums for days from the same vantage point, rather than having to erect and dismantle a plein air studio day after day. These compositions became temporal artifacts, in addition to their decorative qualities

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Let’s Change

The more we pay attention to what our clothes are made of, the more we care, and the more sustainable choices we make. Science Story is a collaboration between H&M and creative thinkers, researchers and scientists who are developing cutting-edge materials designed to address the environmental impacts of the textile industry. The collection shares the inspiring sustainability story behind each garment with supersized labels, making you a part of the solution.

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PEDRO from Singapore to the World

Fashion & Market paid a visit to PEDRO's archives from the past 15 years and discovered how the brand has responded to both the style evolution and global conversation on where fashion is going.

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5 Outfits To Set You Up
For A Stylish Summer

We are of the opinion that getting dressed in the morning should be the least stressful part of your day. Modern life is complicated enough without getting stuck on deciding what to wear. That’s why we do our best to simplify things for you.

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