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Love Bound

Unbounded, captivating, and larger than life. Live out fantasies of love in all its extraordinary forms with PEDRO this Valentine’s Day. Departing from the conventional, watch as the collection, adorned with retro 8-bit motifs and digitally enhanced, tower over real-world environments to create a whimsical graphic experience. Symbolic of life in parallel worlds, discover a new joy to be found in a mixed reality filled with pixelated hearts - all reimagined with the romantic in mind.

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Cheers To Brighter Days Ahead

PEDRO and Yellow Mushmellow team up in support of mental health awareness by releasing a limited-edition vacuum flask featuring bright colours and positive affirmations to encourage people to take time for themselves.

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Icons Illuminated

Building upon the ethos of embracing the differences that make us unique while empowering individuality, PEDRO Icon provokes fresh conversations on what it means to be distinctive. Introducing a two-part event to commemorate its third year, no expenses were spared as celebrations rang high and imaginations ignited.​

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Celebrating Lunar New Year with Artistic Flair: PEDRO’s Collaboration with Designer Pei Li

In a captivating fusion of fashion and art, PEDRO has unveiled its 2024 Lunar New Year visual merchandising (VM) display. This year’s display is a result of an exciting collaboration with renowned designer Pei Li, who is celebrated for her unique blend of creativity and passion in the world of art.

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Media Feature

Media Feature

A closer look at the PEDRO identity through a collection of select works. Features, articles and insider/industry insights that highlight the brand’s evolution through the times.

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