Demi Bag

The Demi collection reemerges in a blend of tactile and visual elegance. With exciting silhouettes manifesting in new colourways, it encapsulates a vibrant reimagination of time-tested elements with subversive twists, making each piece a statement of individuality.

This Summer 2024

The Demi bag is presented in a variety of hues to underscore its enduring charm and adaptability. Signalling a step towards a multi-faceted future, the line-up is now expanded to a kaleidoscopic range of eight colours, each with its own distinct vibe—made to suit any aesthetic.

In terms of design, the collection sticks to its roots with its approach to tailored construction, blending innovative design with functionality and durability, with minimalist accents enhancing a bold yet refined aesthetic. The transformative feature of the soft embossed calf leather allows the bag to be shaped to how you like it, with the blend of material and proportion allowing the silhouette to be structured according to the wearer’s demands.

Shoulder Bag

Characterized by innovative proportions, matte-finish texture, and striking yet cool silver-tone hardware, the body-friendly design takes on oversized dimensions catered for modern life. Crafted to accompany the wearer from day to night, effortlessly transition between work, leisure, and everything in between.

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Hobo Bag

Combining a nonchalant, freeform material with structured construction and distinct lines, sophistication is seamlessly added to the hobo bag. Featuring an elegant silhouette that is at once timeless and modern, this design is elevated by whaleback cufflinks and studded accents, which highlight its refined aesthetic with a touch of understated opulence.

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