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PEDRO | Commune

PEDRO has partnered with Commune to champion purposeful creativity. “Giving second life to everything” transcends mere rhetoric, encapsulating a shared ethos that challenges fashion’s status quo through purposeful design, which led us to create the Aviate Bag. 

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Pedro x Plastify: Empowering Sustainability

​ In line with PEDRO’s commitment to create a better Earth and our efforts to build a more sustainable environment, we recognize the importance of educating and empowering our stakeholders about how we can all play our part to make a positive impact on our environment. ​ PEDRO has partnered with a Singaporean Environmental Organization – Plastify, a renowned advocate for Plastic Recycling, to conduct a sustainability talk to enlighten our stakeholders and collaborated with them to create props that are made from recycled plastic, to be displayed in our physical stores across our retail markets. ​ We caught up with Paul from Plastify to learn more about their efforts and the process behind creating our store props.

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​Pedro Oasis

Amidst the vibrant pulse of summer, PEDRO unveiled an extraordinary pop-up event at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands from 20-26 May. The space saw a range of staples from the latest summer collection showcased, where visitors were able to discover the season’s hottest silhouettes and interact with organic installations.

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Media Feature

Media Feature

A closer look at the PEDRO identity through a collection of select works. Features, articles and insider/industry insights that highlight the brand’s evolution through the times.

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