We Create Effortless Fashion Essentials
to Empower Confidence in Individuality.

Effortless Essentials,
Empowering Confidence

A name that stems from humble beginnings
and also embodies one of our design ethos – 

“Effortless with a twist,
Essential with a hint” 

The inconspicuous E in the name epitomises our 3 brand pillars. 

Our Story
At PEDRO, we believe we can create a better world by
empowering individuality through the art of fashion.

By relating, refining and reinventing, we create updated essentials that blends seamlessly into different wardrobes of style. Enabling individuals to celebrate & express their unique identity that goes beyond skin deep.

With empathy at the heart of PEDRO, we curate and create with a curious mind, constantly evolving with the world around us, to empower people with confidence that transcends through time, race or gender.

Since our inception in 2005, we have launched both men’s & women’s collection of footwear and accessories that extends beyond our 109 global stores to an online shopping experience at pedroshoes.com.

Our modern-day collection continues to inspire 19 countries across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and the United States of America.

The Pedro Identity
In line with our design ethos, our packaging is updated with an effortless allure, one that is crafted from sophistication within simplicity.

A Timeless Atmosphere

Inspired by architectural lines, our packaging is designed for a timeless atmosphere with the lasting presence of black. A color that embodies the effortless expression of PEDRO. Just like how the architectures of day-to-day urban life integrates into our daily lifestyle, the updated packaging design also blends into our customers’ everyday journey, pairing seamlessly with various style expressions while accompanying our customers.

Quintessential Beauty

With the introduction of rePEDRO in Summer 2020, we also revisited our packaging materials and sources to bring better things to our community that are beyond just our products. Our first step, responsibly sourced materials. Our paper and wood-based packaging are certified FSC Recycled. This means our paper bags and packaging boxes are sourced from reclaimed or re-used materials.

Our Design

Effortless with a twist. Essential with a hint.

Women's Collection

Men's Collection

Enabling individuals to celebrate & express their unique identity that goes beyond skin deep.

Our World

Join us on our journey.

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